Australian Made Wallpapers by Kemra. Unique, realistic, and easy to install

Australian Made Wallpapers by Kemra. Unique, realistic, and easy to install

Manufactured in Brisbane Australia, Milton and King are all about quality and uniqueness. Who would have thought that with such a huge line up of competition in the overseas manufacturers of wallpapers, that an Australian made wallpaper would even get a look in?

When directors of Milton and King approached us at Crockers we took a long hard look at what the Kemra range had to offer and how this would fit into our already huge range of wallpapers.  One of the most exciting things about this line of wallpaper for us was that it was made in Australia. With a unique point of difference in the style and design of these patterns we decided to test them out and hang some ourselves. Apart from the realistic brilliance in the patterns, the wallpaper was easy to hang and the extra width of 61cm on the roll (normally 52cm) meant it fitted our display area perfectly! The Kemra range of wallpapers are "paste the wall" so after proper wall prep, you simply paste the wall surface and hang. Seams butted perfectly and the paper was sturdy enough to trim with out any tearing. Great for our "Do It Yourself" decorators.

A wallpaper that has quality, style, class and realistic ability are few and far between. Wallpapers like this deserve specialist advice in selling and hanging, hence why you won't find a quality product like this in a hardware chain of stores. Crockers Paint and Wallpaper staff know their wallpapers and we can help you achieve a professional job by assisting you in understanding the steps involved to hang your wallpaper. Or we can recommend a professional paper hanger to complete the job too!


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