Australians All Rejoice with a 20% OFF Paint SALE

Australians All Rejoice with a 20% OFF Paint SALE

Paint and Wallpaper is our passion at Crockers and we are proud to say we are Australian family owned and operated. Krysler Paints and Haymes Paints have similarities in many ways. Both paint companies started very small, and both are operated by families that have a concern for personal customer service, are invested in being specialists within the paint industry, and have many many years of experience in both the making and selling of paints. The best way to say it is "we know our stuff" and we have many a story to tell about the paint industry over the years

You may not have heard as much of these paints like you may have other brands, but the quality, the range and the pricing is number one. And best of all the paint is MADE HERE and is owned by Aussies! Since 1958 Krysler Paint (all owned by the Crocker family since 1996) was made at our Sefton factory in Sydney NSW first opened by George Alfred Hayes in 1952. In the last two years the Crockers restructured, and decided we needed a competent paint company to now take over the manufacture of our home brand Krysler. After discussions with Haymes we made the decision to move all manufacturing of our Krysler Paint across to the Haymes manufacturing plant in Ballarat Victoria. With quality control and technology now at it's highest we felt our Krysler name and brand, deserved this.

Most recently Crockers won the Haymes Award for Excellence for best retailer in 2015/2016 selling Haymes Paints. We are very proud to say that today and into the future our customers are getting the best of 2 classic Australian Paint companies. And there's no better time to promote our paints by having an Australia Day Celebration sale with 20% OFF all HAYMES ULTRA PREMIUM AND SIMPLY WOODCARE RANGES and 20% OFF ALL KRYSLER PREMIUM PAINTS!

The sale ends at 5.00pm Monday 25th January 2016 and is only available to walk in retail customers. And because we like our staff to enjoy the patriotic nature of the Australia Day celebrations, ALL CROCKERS STORES CLOSE ON AUSTRALIA DAY.

To read more about these great Australian companies go to Haymes or read briefly about our Krysler history on our own site here.

Australians All Rejoice and enjoy the sale!

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