DIY How To Hang Paste the Wall Wallpaper

DIY How To Hang Paste the Wall wallpaper.

This is one of our store displays going up. We can assist you on how to hang paste the wall wallpaper. It's really easy as you paste the wall and use a dry wallpaper drop instead of running the wallpaper through the water. We call paste the wall wallpapers "non woven" since you have no seam shrinkage risks if installed properly. A common problem that can occur during installation of some wallpapers is that the seams or joins are not butted together enough, or the person installing it has overlapped the seams. To avoid seeing the joins or having seams lift you must practice the required steps in wall preparation, use the correct glue, and carefully smooth the wallpaper drop out so as not to squeeze too much glue out from under the drop you have just installed.
Most wallpapers including paste the wall wallpapers require a latex size to be applied to your wall first.
Please call our stores to discuss or better still call in so we can show you examples of the different types and products to use during installation of paste the wall wallpapers. Visit our store and wallpaper showroom located at 1/206 Box Road Miranda NSW 2228

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