DIY How to make a wallpaper canvas wallhanging

How to Make a wallpaper canvas wallhanging.

It is pretty easy. You need to look around at home for an unused picture that no longer suits your decor or an old picture frame that you have no photos for. You can easily create a piece of art by using wallpaper offcuts. Or you can buy canvases from most Reject stores or art places.
Crockers often sell offcuts and we also sell our discontinued wallpaper books when available.
You need to get a canvas that suits the width of the wallpaper. When you make your DIY wallpaper canvas wall hanging you will need:
Canvas, Wallpaper length, Staple Gun, Wallpaper glue (if using), Scissors.
Video is a 12 min watch as Tracey Morrison from Crockers does a very casual video as she covers this picture and transforms it to another piece of art. It's easy. We also decided to use a picture frame and filled it with another wallpaper. For all of your decorating needs call in and see us. Come and see our huge wallpaper showroom located at 1/206 Box Road Miranda!

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