DIY How To Make Old Timber Look Great

How To Make Old Timber Look Great!

Shaun used some very old timber that he had a side from an old decking that he replaced. He kept the timber as it is a great quality hardwood.
He wanted to cover up a small area near the pool so decided to make his own small deck using some of his left over timber!
The problem was that it was grey and weathered and needed some preparation to get it looking like new!

How He Did It:

Sanded the timber with the Mirka Dustless Sander
Once deck was laid he coated one coat of Haymes Simply Woodcare Uvex Primer (water based)
Once primer is dry he applied two coats of Haymes Simply Woodcare Uvex Finish Natural (water based)

The result? A beautiful satin sheen that water beads off and a durable decking finish with UV protection.
It’s easy to maintain. Watch the surface for fading and dulling off and then clean and re apply Uvex Finish. Depending on exposure, you could expect this finish to out last decking oils by 1-2 years or more.

Haymes Simply Woodcare UVEX Finish:

This long lasting premium finish protects exterior timber with industry-leading technology providing you with a long-lasting, low maintenance solution that repels water and looks fantastic. The UVEX finish incorporates HALS and UV absorbers delivering exceptional performance and protection for your timber. When applied over UVEX Primer, the UVEX Timber Finish provides a dual layer that delivers outstanding UV protection whilst maintaining the timber's natural appeal.

Triple barrier UV protection
Long lasting timber protection
Abrasion resistant
Mould resistant
Low maintenance

So what do you need to stain at home? Bring in a photo so we can help you decide the best products to use!

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