DIY How To Rejuvenate a Hardwood Timber Privacy Screen

DIY How To Rejuvenate A Hardwood Timber Privacy Screen.

This timber privacy screen was previously used as a decking. Pieces of the old decking were restored to this home built privacy screen.
Hardwoods generally can hold oils and tannins and will discolour over years of weathering. We show you here how easy it is to rejuvenate a hardwood timber privacy screen.
First we recommend cleaning it with a wood cleaner. Most wood cleaners require dilution and dpending on how dirty or weathered your timber is as to how much you dilute. Generally speaking it's approx 1 part cleaner to 3 or 4 parts water. We recommend Haymes Woodclean.
Once you have scrubbed and then rinsed, you allow your timber to dry. On this screen we used a coat of Wonderbond which is a water based sealer that will provide a nice base for the chosen topcoat. This hardwood timber will have a clear exterior Varnish. Other finishes you could use are a natural decking oil or stain in either water based or oil based wood finish.
Alternatively it could be painted however you will cover the beautiful grain so consider that before you cover it up!
We have used Haymes Exterior Clear Gloss. This product has UV stabilisers and will filter UV rays. Please remember to maintain your timber by checking the coating every year.

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