DIY How To Sand and Recoat an old Timber Hall Table

DIY How to Sand and Recoat an old timber table.

This old hall table needed some work. We sanded back the top and used a marine varnish called Norglass Microshield Gloss. An electric sander makes the job faster and we revealed the beautiful design that was highlighted once the clear varnish was applied.
We decided to use a high gloss black on the base and legs. When deciding how to sand and recoat the old timber table we decided to use Norglass All Surface Primer in grey. This product eliminates the need to sand back all varnished areas as it has superior adhesion directly over many surfaces.
Once this is dry you can apply any paint finish and in this project we used Norglass Weatherfast Gloss Black. This is a superior interior or exterior finish that gives a beautiful strong high gloss elegant paint finish.
All products can be purchased from our stores. Call in to discuss how to do your own rejuvenation project!

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