Driveway Sealers and Concrete Sealers

Driveway Sealers and Concrete Sealers

Driveway Sealer!

Does your driveway need a new coat of sealer? Available in 20lt sizes and is on special now and ongoing!

Plenty of us have concrete driveways that have been coloured by stencilling or by oxides that have been added to the concrete. They look fabulous when they are new but over the years they may fade or in some some case wear through to the concrete leaving patches that look old and shabby. If you keep a coat of clear sealer up to it then you will have a driveway that will look good for years. Once it does start to look a little faded, you can add one of the colour packs to the clear in your choice of colour. These specially made concentrated colour packs are made to match some of the more popular coloured concrete driveways, and 1lt of colour is enough to colour 20lt of Concrete Sealer.

Acrylmeric Concrete Sealer is available in petrol and oil resistant grade as well for mechanic work shops and heavily used garages where frequent oil and petrol spillage may occur.


Designed for sealing of domestic pattern and stencil driveways, factory and garage floors*, car parks, concrete pavers and slate flooring.
For garage floors or workshop areas requiring resistance to frequent fuel or oil spills, use ACRYLMERIC PETROL & OIL RESISTANT CONCRETE SEALER
For petrol or oil spillage onto garage floors coated with ACRYLMERIC CONCRETE SEALER clean up such spills immediately otherwise gloss and long term durability will be compromised.


Adds durability and enhanced visual impact to concrete and masonry surfaces.
Controls leaching of soluble calcium salts (efflorescence) from cement and concrete surfaces.
Displays excellent adhesion to properly prepared clean concrete surfaces.
Unifies the substrate, and acts as a dust suppressant from concrete floors.
Simplifies cleaning and spillage control procedures.

Apply only to a clean, dry surface. Never apply if any moisture is evident on the surface to be coated (this may result in a milky film effect).

Ensure that surfaces are free from any grease, oils and other contaminants and existing coatings. Apply emulsion degreaser to heavily soiled areas, or household grade detergent to lightly soiled areas. Flush residues away with fresh water, whilst scrubbing with a stiff bristle broom.
New concrete must be allowed to age for at least 28 days. Smooth concrete must be acid etched (5-10% Hydrochloric Acid), neutralised with Bicarbonate of Soda, and flushed with fresh water, and then allowed to completely dry before sealer application.

Apply liberally with a long nap roller. Product may also be applied by brush or spray. First coat may be thinned 5-10% with Concrete and Paving Sealer Solvent so as to maximise penetration and minimise bubbling. Allow the coats to dry for 24 hours prior to the addition of any subsequent full strength coat. Avoid application in strong direct sunlight or onto a hot surface so as to maximise coating integrity.
Always allow adequate ventilation during, and immediately after use.

Note: Not to be used under 10 degrees, and not too early in the morning when there is dew.

Touch dry in 45 minutes @ 25°C.

Minimum recoat time is 12 hours, there is no maximum time.

Surface type and texture affects the coverage rate. Generally the recommended spreading rate is 6-8 square metres per litre/coat.

Clean all equipment thoroughly with CONCRETE AND PAVING SEALER SOLVENT or Solvent CRS

Available in metal 20L and 4L screw-top containers. Reseal the container immediately after use.

For advice, contact a Poisons information Centre, ph 13 11 26. If swallowed give a glass of water, do NOT induce vomiting. If in eyes wash out immediately with water. If inhaled, remove from contaminated area. Apply artificial respiration if not breathing. If on skin or hair, remove contaminated clothing, and flush affected areas with running water. If irritation occurs seek immediate medical advice.

This product is flammable. Keep away from naked flame. In the event of fire, extinguish with foam or CO2.
Avoid breathing the vapour or spray mist and wear appropriate vapour mask during use. Provide adequate ventilation whilst using in enclosed areas. Avoid contact with the eyes, wear protective eyewear. Avoid contact with the skin. DO NOT SWALLOW. MSDS available upon request.
Sealing of concrete or paving or slate impression concrete etc, may cause surface to become slippery, particularly when wet.

The technical information and/or application advice given in this publication represents the present state of our knowledge, and is believed to be reliable .Buyers and intended users of Colormaker Industries products should read the TDS carefully and then conduct their own assessment to confirm the suitability of the product, including in conjunction with other products, and the types of surfaces to, and the manner in which, the product will be applied. Colormaker Industries offers no warranty of performance based on the above information either expressed or implied.


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