How To Prepare and Coat your Deck

How To Prepare and Coat your Deck

How to prepare and coat your Deck.

Note: Preparation is paramount to the performance and longevity of these products.
All decking must have water permeation before the application of your decking finish. To achieve this you can either weather the timber for the recommended time or use an appropriate tannin/extractive cleaner if you would like to coat straight away.

Haymes Rapid Prep* is ideal for immediate coating on new timber to remove surface tannins and extractives and possible mill glaze which can inhibit your coating from adhering and penetrating into your exterior timbers. Wash as per instructions. 

Rapid Prep
Please Note: Timber will need a minimum of 4-6 weeks weathering or possibly longer depending on density. Regular hosing with water will assist with this process. The water penetration test is the only way you can tell if the timber is ready for coating.
Once you have either washed or weathered your decking timber you must test for water penetration by applying a few drops of water onto the timber, if penetrating you’re ready to coat.
Proceed to clean the timber with an Oxalic based product such as Simply Woodcare Wood Cleaner* as per instructions.
If the water beads on the surface you will need to weather the timber longer or do a repeat wash with the cleaner.
*Do not let solution dry while cleaning.


For best results when cleaning weathered grey timber, let the surface soak for at least 30 minutes by wetting with water. This will swell the timber fibres ensuring the cleaner is more effective.
For severely weathered grey timber a repeat application of the wood cleaner may be required or a stronger solution may also assist to achieve the desired result. Make sure all dark areas have been removed (while the timber is still wet) as this is what it will look like once coated. Let the surface dry.

Before cleaning
Apply the product such as Haymes Simply Woodcare Dexpress with good quality brushes and applicators recommended by your paint specialist at the recommended spread rate i.e. 10sq metres per litre x 2 coats or 3 coats for extreme exposure.
Use all recommended amounts as correct film build is vital to the performance and longevity of the timber finish.
Maintain a wet edge at all times working the full length of the board, 2 to 3 boards at a time using quality brushes and applicators. This is particularly important when using pigmented product.
Never apply your timber finish in direct sunlight or on hot to touch timber and avoid applying when rain is expected within 24 hrs.
Avoid foot traffic for at least 24 hrs.

Placing furniture and heavy items should also be avoided for 7 days, furniture pads are recommended to avoid scratching and marking.

After cleaning and coating Haymes Dexpress

Maintaining the coating is integral to getting longevity from your timber finish. Timber finishes wear at different rates depending on the type of coating you have used.
A regular inspection every 6-12 months will tell if you need to recoat with either 1 or 2 coats. Look for loss of sheen, loss of colour or patchiness: These are the visible signs to recoat. Do not let the coating deteriorate back to bare timber, as it will be a lot more work to repair.

NB Information supplied by Haymes Paints. Crockers staff are trained by timber care specialists and will advise the best products for your timber. Visit our stores to have a talk about your next staining project

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