How to stain a deck using Haymes Decking Oil oil based wood stain. Tips for DIY

How to stain a deck using Haymes Decking Oil oil based wood stain. Tips for DIY

One of the biggest problems in re staining a decking like this one, is that after many years of wear and neglect with no oiling or staining presents for some fairly hefty preparation. In this case this decking is made of a hardwood and as solid as it is, it is hard to sand. The best thing to do is clean it with a wood cleaner and see if this removes the weathered and greyness from the timber. If it's a bit stubborn then you will need to sand it. This allows the necessary penetration of the oil. You want the surface to be evenly sanded and/or cleaned before you re stain or oil. We have sanded using a pole sander but an electric sander using approx 80-120 grit paper is usually sufficient and more effective. You might need to change the sandpaper depending on how hard the timber is.

Remember that if water still beads on the top of the timber after all of your prep is done, then you will need to do some more sanding! You want the water to disappear into the timber and not bead on top.

 We tinted the oil to Merbau of many tinted colours available. The more colour you have the longer it should last. But this does depend on exposure to wear and tear and weather conditions. With regular maintenance you will have a longer lasting finish and next time your preparation is much easier.

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