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Using Artisan Soft Chalk on Furniture

We were pleased with the the ease and soft results that the Haymes Artisan Soft Chalk  gave when we painted a small side table recently. The table was darkly stained and varnished with many scratches and worn areas. Time for a spruce up!

We decided to change the appearance of this to give it a shabby chic look or scandinavian type washed look. You may have heard of chalk paint, milk paint, chalk emulsion, wood wash or even a paint wash. They all give similar finishes but the chalk paints are generally much easier to sand or rub back. They have exceptional coverage too meaning that you can often paint it directly over a dark colour piece of furniture that has had a sealer eg polyurethane or varnish before.

Normally you would need to sand back this type of surface. The general reason for sanding is to provide a "key" for the next coat to adhere better. You would need to do this if you were wanting to apply a wood stain or wood wash. The stain or wood wash would need to penetrate ( or soak in) for even application. And so in this case you would need to cut the coating back to bear timber.

When you apply Haymes Artisan Soft Chalk to a varnished or stained surface you only need to clean and then give it a very light sand. If you are choosing to get a rubbed back finish (like in this project) you do not need any undercoats. You can simply apply it in one or more coats and once you have achieved the look you want you can then seal with a water based sealer. We recommend Haymes Aqualac GP in Satin finish. You can use a gloss as well.

Steps for painting a piece like this one:

  • Find your old or new piece you want to transform
  • Clean and lightly sand with approx sandpaper of around P120-P180 grit
  • Dust piece down with a damp cloth
  • Find the colour in The Haymes Artisan Soft Chalk range. You can see these in store.
  • Have the next few products on hand: Soft Chalk tinted in chosen colour, sandpaper or steel wool in a few different grades, sanding block or sponge, clean lint free cloths, metho, a new synthetic bristle paint brush, and finishing sealer eg Haymes Aqualac GP Satin or Gloss.
  • Stir all paint products before use
  • Apply Soft Chalk by brush or roller
  • Once dry you can lightly sand areas to become smooth or rub vigorously to rub areas back to timber surface
  • Always dust down as you go and once you have achieved the look you want then apply sealer.

You can see this piece plus more from The artisan collection in our wallpaper showroom in our Miranda  store. It's here we are also opening up The Art Passage, a brand new art space for local artists to hang and exhibit their work. More info on that soon...


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