Jedd Dimension July 15th - August 11th

Jedd Dimension July 15th - August 11th

Jedd Dimension, invites you to re enter the portal once more, on the 28th of July, and indulge in the visual stimulation of his all new works for his second solo show Stratum, . These paintings are evidence of ones journey as a quantum painter placed in space-time, an index of ones psyche, in an artificial reality of human perceptions, categorized by social status, education and income.
Drawing on skills and techniques, Jedd has learnt and evolved over his years of practice through the cosmic wound. They are A glimpse into the 13th dimension, a fragment of ones psyche.
Engaging with influences from nature,science, spirituality and existentialism, the artworks distinct styles, outline the activation of three dimensional space through process, light and space-time, while exploiting the medium for its three dimensional strength, depth and form.
Jedd is merely a vessel, an extension of stratum on a painting. He allows the medium to evolve, create its own conditions and reach its full potential. Leading to better his understanding of the natural universe and the phenomena that occurs through out it.

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Jedd Dimension     Jedd Dimension

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