Paintback Paint Recycling Program in Sydney

Paintback Paint Recycling Program in Sydney

We often get asked about paint disposal at Crockers. We have our own Paint recycling program where you can bring us old tins of water based paints and drop them off at our stores during business hours. The details about this are here. We have been doing this for some time now.

A recent establishment of Paintback now sees various locations around the nation where households and trade painters can dispose of all paints, both solvent and water based. A list of locations can be downloaded below. Please check the website for products NOT accepted eg antifouling, aerosols, metal paints, automotive etc

Who are Paintback?

Paintback is a cost-effective solution for households and trade painters to remove unwanted paint and packaging. Paintback is establishing collection points Australia-wide, starting in major population areas and aiming to have more permanent sites over the next three to five years. It is funded through a 15 cents plus GST per litre levy on eligible products*, between 1 litre and 20 litres inclusive. The monies collected go to Paintback Ltd, which is an independent, not-for-profit organisation.

Its governing rules ensure that these funds are used to establish and operate the collection program and research new ways to repurpose unwanted paint materials. Paintback will also fund research to find better uses for unwanted paint.

What paints can be taken to Paintback?

For more info you can visit their website. And you can see participating brands here

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