Street Art. Graffiti. An Angel evolves

Street Art. Graffiti. An Angel evolves

"As a child growing up I loved to escape into fantasy.
Imagining worlds where anything I thought of could come true.
Nowadays I like to create some of these environments, science fiction and comic book inspired scenarios, For me it's the perfect compliment to good graffiti style writing and colours"
. @_teazer_

The words of a very talented writer above...

3 years ago we released one of our factory walls into the hands of two graffiti artists. Teazer and Atome worked some magic and created one huge masterpiece at our Sefton premises. Aware of the mixed feelings about aerosol art we conversed on a regular basis with some of our aerosol art customers and made the decision to proceed on the proviso that it was tasteful and eye catching.

Over 4 weekends Teazer's Space Angel evolved like a queen from some unknown land that only the artist knows where she's come from. Who would have known she came from a spray can? One would expect the fine detail was from some fine artist who knows outlines that only come from the tip of a paint brush. Not true. Teazer and Atome, each with their own individual styles strategically placed this lovely lady amongst a wall of colour flanked either side with their own signatures.

And then it was finished. There she was, over seeing our customer parking, and watching you from any angle.

Crockers Sefton Crockers Sefton 

Crockers Sefton Crockers Sefton

Crockers Sefton Crockers Sefton

Crockers Sefton Space Angel

Colours popped, customers stopped and stared, people had their photos taken,and others did handstands and overarches in front of her.

There is a place and a time for everything and at Crockers we do not embrace illegal Graffiti. We do however appreciate art, and we thank Teazer and Atome for being part of this project.

Do you have a story about your art? We would love to hear your twist and see your style. Email us your info and some pics and you could feature on our Blog!

Stayed tuned for the next story...

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