Transform your Furniture with Chalk Emulsion

Porter’s Chalk Emulsion™ is a decorative matt finish for painting furniture and broad wall areas. It is a very matt paint with a chalky, soft appearance. Chalk Emulsion™ is so easy to use; it covers easily and is self-priming. It is the perfect choice for creating distressed and elegant effects on furniture and shelving, and can be sealed with many of Porter’s specialty waxes or clear finishes.

Our clever customer decided to be bold and game by using a black chalk emulsion as a base, with a second colour of a bright bluey green and then a white to finish off. The chalk emulsion was applied directly over a varnished cabinet and then areas were rubbed back to get the shabby look of old aged recycled timber! Once you have achieved the look you want then you have the option of sealing the whole project with a wax like Stucco Wax, or Antique Black Wax or a water based clear finish!

Call in to us at Crockers to see more of these pieces done by our staff. It's sooooo easy.

Porters Chalk Emulsion Furniture Transformation

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