KR Weathertuff Low Sheen Acrylic (1lt-4lt)

KR Weathertuff Low Sheen Acrylic (1lt-4lt)

A premium quality exterior paint for all surfaces including decking. Excellent UV protection and tannin block this paint is self priming on most exterior surfaces. Will last you years and years.

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Krysler WEATHERTUFF Low Sheen is a 100% acrylic finish suitable for interior and exterior use. Formulated for Australian conditions it has a high resistance to ultra violet light and will resist the effects of weather change. It is satisfactory for use without primer or undercoats on most surfaces including timber*, decking, garden furniture, galvanized iron, hardboards, fibrous cement, cement render and masonry e.g brickwork. *(When using white or light tones on bare timber 3 coats are recommended). Suitable primers must be used on metal subject to rusting. Dark colours used in exposed conditions over old paint may cause old paint to lose its grip through heat absorption resulting in early failure. Thorough surface preparation is recommended.


Drying and Recoating: is touch dry in 30 minutes and maybe recoated under normal conditions in 2 hours. Provide adequate ventilation during application and drying.


Application: Stir well before and during use with broad, flat stirrer. Apply 2 coats direct from can by brush, roller or spray. Cease application in hot windy conditions and avoid painting in direct sunlight. In warmer conditions thinning maybe required with up to 10% water. When painting windows, to avoid sticking, move within 30minutes of application. Do not apply if temp is below 10 deg Celsius and cease painting if due to atmospheric moisture, paint does not dry within 1 hour.


Clean up: Rinse all equipment with clean water then wash in warm soapy water, rinse and dry.


Coverage: up to 15 sq mt per litre on smooth surfaces, and less on rougher or more absorbent surfaces.


Surface Preparation: All surfaces to be painted should be well prepared with all flaking paint, dirt, dust, wax, grease, chalk, mildew etc removed. All cracks and joints should be filled and sanded smooth. Previously painted surfaces should be thoroughly sanded and glossy areas sanded flat where possible. Where mould is evident treat with antimould solution.


Bare timber: Apply 2 coats direct to timber for all colours except where white and lighter colours are used. Apply 3 coats if required in this situation. Allow 2 hours to dry before further coats are applied.


New Masonry, Brick, Fibro: No primer required. Thoroughly clean with stiff brush to remove any loose material and apply 2 coats of WEATHERTUFF.


Galvanised Iron & Zincalume: New unpainted-Degrease surface with a solvent to remove oil and dust residue. Apply 2 coats WEATHERTUFF.

Painted- Remove all dust and loose flaky paint etc. Treat any residual rust with a recommended rust converter. Spot primer those areas with a metal primer and allow to dry. Apply 2 coats of WEATHERTUFF.


Bare steel and other metals: Remove all rust and treat as above. Apply metal primer and allow to dry as per directions. Apply 2 coats WEATHERTUFF.


Previously painted surfaces: Ensure that all loose and flaky paint etc is thoroughly removed. To test if the surface is sound, cut a small ‘x’ with a sharp knife then stick a piece of tape firmly over the ‘x’ and rip off. If paint comes off then surface is unsound. Repeat at random in a number of areas to test. Unsound surfaces should be stripped to achieve best result. For sound surfaces refer to surface preparation.


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Manufacturer Krysler Paints

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