Swimming Pool Paints

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We recommend LUXAPOOL Epoxy Swimming Pool Paints or LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paints. It is recommended that 2 Pack Epoxy be used unless Chlorinated Rubber has been used in the past.

NB: If 2 Pack Epoxy has been used before please use 2 Pack Epoxy again. If Chlorinated Rubber has been used before, please use Chlorinated Rubber again.

When in doubt call us. Thoroughly read all provided data sheets associated with each product and corresponding surface to be coated.

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Watch these How To Paint Your Pool Videos:

Some How To Videos for you in a Step By Step Guide to Painting your Swimming Pool

1. How to test your pool coating - https://youtu.be/ovBgZtDbNWg

2. How to wash with LUXAPOOL Concentrated Wash - https://youtu.be/kmcYJIpIzWo

3. How to repair small cracks and divots with LUXAPOOL Structural Epoxy Filler - https://youtu.be/i_4fcEfu3gs

4. How to abrade a pool surface which has been previously painted with an epoxy pool paint - https://youtu.be/xor2ED6YMR4

5. How to acid etch before painting - https://youtu.be/4jJ4XDz2dWY

6. How to prime bare cement render with LUXAPOOL Epoxy Primer-Sealer - Video to come

7. How to Paint Your Pool with LUXAPOOL Epoxy Pool Paint - https://youtu.be/6CO5e84asyQ

CM Epoxy Solvent A (for thinning)
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