Ern Boeg
 Ern Boeg

Casual Sales Assistant  |  7 years as a Crockers Team Member at Crockers

Email Address:
Phone Number: 9644-2954

Ern has been with the team working mostly at our Sefton store. He is the comedian of the team and loves a chat and a laugh with his customers.

Why should people shop at Crockers?

“Because we have service with a smile, knowledge and the odd joke here and there”

Your most memorable moment during your years at Crockers:

“Probably the Animal Paint story”

Here’s how it goes:

Me: “Good Morning Sir. How can i help you?"

Customer (broken English): “Animal Paint”

Me: “And how much of this paint would you like?”

Customer: “BIG BUCKET”

Me: “I see. What size is this “Animal”?

Customer: “BIG”

Me: “About the size of an elephant?”

Customer: “No elephant house” (Translation: no not an elephant, a house)

Me: “oh so you are not painting an elephant, just the house?”

Customer: “Yes”

Me: “This paint, is it oil or water based?”

Customer: just a blank look...

Me: “I think you might be looking for ENAMEL paint?” So i go and get a tin of both oil based and water based paint, open them up, the customer smells both cans and points to ENAMEL!

And now the sale begins!!