Nerida McDougall
 Nerida McDougall

Casual Sales Assistant with Managerial Roles  |  19 years as a Crockers Team Member at Crockers

Email Address:
Phone Number: 02 4257 4220

Nerida has been working on and off with us since she was at school. You will see Nerida at Miranda and Engadine!

Why should people shop at Crockers?: 

“People should shop with us for the one on one personalised service that (should be) synonymous with small business, as opposed to the “in and Out” attitude of larger franchises".

What’s your most memorable moment or situation during working with Crockers?

 “I remember when glitter paint was all the rage. I would go home looking like I had been clubbing or at a festival instead of working in a paint shop for 9 hours!”