Shaun Crocker
 Shaun Crocker

Managing Director  |  30 years as a Crockers Team Member at Crockers

Email Address:
Phone Number: 9525-7489

Shaun is one of the family members and has been working in the family business since he left school! Shaun has learn't the ropes from his parents Paul and Sue Crocker and is passionate about our family business and looking forward to the future.

Why should people shop at Crockers?:

"We have specialist knowledge and extensive quality product range at affordable prices. We will answer your questions in a way you can understand. We try to make things simple."

What’s your most memorable moment or situation during working with Crockers?

"Too many to tell..Both good and bad:


Remembering all of our great staff Christmas Parties over the years. Relocating our Sefton warehouse to our new Box Road Miranda store.


Being held up at gunpoint one afternoon many years ago at our Sefton store


After a big night out, one of our staff slept in the cardboard bin so he wouldn’t be late for work the next day. That was all good until he woke up to a police torch shining in his face. A neighbour had called police thinking there was an attempted break in underway. Some very fast talking was done to convince police he was one of the staff!!"