Tracey Morrison
 Tracey Morrison

Director/Wallpaper Specialist  |  36 years as a Crockers Team Member at Crockers

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Phone Number: 95257489

Tracey is one of the family members and has also learn't the ropes from her parents Paul and Sue Crocker. Tracey completed her nursing degree before deciding to work within the family business. Aside from her admin roles Tracey works hands on in the stores at Engadine and Miranda.

Why should people shop at Crockers?

“Because we have the ability to give attention to detail. We stick with selling products we know and we sell quality and we have the knowledge. If we don’t know the answers we find out because we have a good long list of loyal suppliers so we can go directly to the correct information source and get the best products for our customers. I also would like to think people will shop with smaller specialised people for our type of services and products.”

What’s your most memorable moment or situation during working with Crockers?

"Oh wow too many to note! Probably the time Dad (Paul) decided to leave me on my own in our Miranda store (In Kiora Road about 1984). I was just out of school and “thrown” behind the counter and instructions to call him if I thought I needed him! Talk about sink or swim!

And i remember the time a car crashed into our Bondi Junction store in Oxford Street and smashed through the glass window straight into all of the paint stacks and shelves one night. The driver woke and was covered in paint. He thought he was bleeding to death because he had red gloss enamel all over him! I remember the cleanup we had. That was a tough job!